Docolor - 12 Pieces Galaxy Stars Makeup Brush Set - S1202

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Cantidad de brochas12

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  • Tipos de cabello: Sintético

  • Materiales del mango: Plástico

  • Formas de las puntas: Abanico,Angular,Plana


These makeup brushes are made of premium, super soft synthetic bristles, cruelty-free and skin-loving. 

The handles are painted with the beauty in the galaxy stars and fascinating array of colors. 

Hold them in your hands to feel the fantasy of the Magical Night Sky!




* Hair: Synthetic Fiber

* Ferrule: Aluminum 

* Handle: Plastic 



This set contains:


1 * Power Brush

Use it with loose or pressed powders, just tap off the excess before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.


2 * Flat Foundation Brush

Use it with liquid foundation and blend it on your forehead, face, nose, chin.


3 * Flat Contour Brush

Use it to create shadows and highlights on targeted areas of face to play up favorite features.


4 * Blush Brush

Use it with Cream, Liquid or Powder product, blends along the cheekbone in a circle way.


5 * Tapered Brush

Use it to apply powder, blush or contour shades onto the cheeks and temples. Tapered shape gives exact placement of product.


6 * Large Eyeshadow Brush

Use it to apply powder and cream shadows. Alternate use: Dab on shadow under the lower lash line for a smokier eye.


7 * Eyeshadow Brush

Use it to smear eyeshadow along the roots of the lashes up to the eye folds.


8 * Eyeshadow Definer Brush

Use it to strengthen and modify the eye shape, conducive to the details of the eyeshadow.


9 * Blending Brush

Use it with wet or dry products. It blends color effortlessly on the lid and crease and also be used to apply concealer.   


10 * Concealer Brush

Dip the brush in concealer/product and apply to areas of the skin. 


11 * Angled Eyebrow Brush

Use it to apply powder and gel products to brows using a sketching motion to achieve a hair-like effect.


12 * Fan Brush

Use it to lightly dust on powder or to contour; Create soft color over the cheeks or apply a touch of loose powder to cover shine.